Discover our exceptional short programs that blend educational excellence, cultural enrichment, and unforgettable experiences!


Bella Vista Institute of Higher Education (BVIS) offers an exceptional portfolio of short non-degree programs designed to inspire both youth and business executives. From Switzerland’s picturesque landscapes to the historic halls of Keble College, Oxford, our programs provide unparalleled access to world-renowned leaders and experts.

Whether it is the Future Leaders Summer Camp, Study Tours across Europe, or the Oxford Executive DBA Master Class, each program combines educational excellence with cultural enrichment. Participants will enjoy immersive experiences, gain insights into diplomacy and leadership, and have unique opportunities for growth. Additionally, some programs offer an exceptional holiday experience for family members.

Explore our offerings and embark on a journey that promises to be both enlightening and inspiring for you and your family!


Future Leaders Summer & Winter Camp, Switzerland (13 Days, 12 Nights)

Explore & discover beautiful Switzerland and the educational magic of our exclusive camps during the best seasons of the year!

The BVIS camps offer unmatched opportunities to meet face to face with, and be inspired by global leaders. Students undergo an immersive experience into international and Swiss education. Participation in Model United Nations, insights into the European Parliament, and Leadership Master Classes expand their horizons, their personal soft skills, and boost their profiles and readiness for entering top-tier universities.

Study Tours Across Switzerland and Continental Europe (10 days, 9 Nights)

Enjoy an educational adventure through Switzerland and other top European countries with your entire family, experiencing cultural and academic excellence.

The BVIS Study Tours offer the best of Switzerland and Europe with our exclusive family-friendly itineraries, visiting countries like Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, and Italy. Each tour blends cultural visits and enriching activities, providing unique insights into local traditions. Designed to offer exceptional developmental and educational opportunities for the young members of your family, they promise an unforgettable experience for all.

International Youth Music Festival (12 Days, 11 Nights)

Perform and compose alongside the renowned Stephan Siegenthaler with an orchestra and choir, elevating your musical mastery to new heights!

Inspired by the natural beauty and cultural richness of Switzerland, and the authentic European musical tradition, students will have the opportunity to showcase and enhance their personal musical artistry. This festival is a unique international exchange of cultural and musical experiences, where European masters mentor students to refine their skills on an individual level. The optional European Art Tour complements this unique cultural and artistic journey. 


Oxford Future Leaders Summer School (13 Days, 12 Nights)

Rapidly enhance your skillset and leadership insights while taking an exceptional step in your preparation for entering top-tier universities!

This extraordinary opportunity allows you to participate in a methodically designed youth leadership program at Keble College, Oxford, delivered by the School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Bella Vista Institute of Higher Education (BVIS). Students will meet and learn from distinguished global leaders, exceptional international teachers, and alumni from world-class institutions.

Oxford Executive DBA Master Class (12 Days, 11 Nights)

Expand your European business acumen and leadership excellence as an established leader!

Hosted at the prestigious Keble College, Oxford, our unique Executive DBA Master Class is the ideal next step for leaders committed to enhancing their knowledge in diplomacy, international relations, and leadership skills. This program invites top expert leaders to share their wealth of experience and highly relevant insights, providing an unparalleled opportunity for growth and inspiration.

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Leadership and Career At Bella Vista Institute of Higher Education (BVIS), we stand at the forefront of redefining high-end education for the future. Nestled in the heart of Switzerland, a country renowned for its innovation and educational excellence, BVIS is more than just a school. It is a vibrant professional environment committed to preparing young adults for the dynamic challenges of the future. Our mission is to integrate the leadership excellence and career-focused education into one product.
BVIS has developed globally recognized degree programmes in collaboration with universities in the UK, EU and Switzerland, to provide unique tailored programmes. Our pedagogical philosophy is in-class learning journeys, facilitated by world-class professors & global leaders with real-world experience. Additionally, we have developed an intense internship programmes with a vast set of partners to maximize their employability into BVIS also strongly emphazises on excellence in short-term training and summer programmes, and operates onsite TOEFL and IELTS Centre accredited by ETS and IDP.


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